In the mid 1970’s the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club from Buffalo was the dominate club in Western New York, partying on both sides of Niagara Falls with the Satan’s Choice M.C. of Canada and visiting members of the Outlaws M.C. from the Mid-west. At a party held in Montreal in 1978 several chapters of the Satan’s Choice changed over to become Outlaws. Once established in Canada, the tie between Outlaws and the Chosen few grew stronger as Outlaws from the United States made their way through Buffalo to visit their new brothers.

Though traditionally regional, members inside the Few began looking with new interest at the club they’d grown so close to. While some decided to stay regional, others reached out to the nation we’d come to love. Contacting the Outlaws M.C. in Canada, we began to discuss starting a chapter in Buffalo. In December of 1980 we became a prospective chapter of the American Outlaw Association and members from different chapters moved to Buffalo to give us advice and assistance.

Throughout the rest of the 80’s and 90’s the chapter grew, as new members came in from around the Western New York area and beyond. With an expanding presence in the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Pennsylvania it became time to officially make the Southern Tier its own chapter in 2001. The following year the Black Pistons M.C. United States opened its first chapter in New York, drawn as we had been years before. With many members living in Niagara County we opened the Niagara Falls chapter in 2012. Today the Outlaws and Black Pistons have members across the state.

Outlaws Forever Forever Outlaws

DO NOT write us asking how to join!  Find an Outlaw and ask him!

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